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5 simple steps for SAFE STATES:

1) Start a team. Gather your friends, your friends’ friends, or post signs in permitted areas on campus asking for volunteers. You only need a few people to have a huge impact on the election.

2) Ask your student affairs office about setting up an absentee ballot drive table. Most colleges and universities let students table to register voters. If you can’t table on your campus be creative, grab a few clipboards and catch students coming out of classes, throw a party, go to social or sporting events, etc.

3) Print the two forms: “State Guide” and “Commit to Vote

4) Find students who will commit to vote absentee. Explain that by voting absentee in their home “swing state,” they have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the presidential election. Provide them with the phone number of the Election Office for their state (on your “State Guide”) or better yet, send them to where they will find easy links to voter registration and absentee ballot applications by state. Make sure they sign the Commit to Vote form.

5) Report back and follow up. Now that you have the names of committed absentee voters email or call them to check-in and see how the registration/application process went. Report back to My Vote Will Count. We want to know who committed to vote in which states. Send us your lists to report(at)

Have fun! Running a My Vote Will Count drive is a great way to meet new people, a good excuse to throw a party, and a giant contribution to the 2004 election.

If you live in a “swing state,” you can still help by holding a voter registration drive. First contact the election authority for your state (available at the “Register to Vote” link).


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